Portrait of Nanepashemet and Squaw Sachem in Salem

Pictured L to R: Michael Rice, Jeanne Foster-Oliver, Chris Pappan, Elizabeth Solomon, Alysha Gray, Kim Driscoll, Thomas Green

Members of the Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag are pictured here with Artist Chris Pappan, near the center in black, and Salem’s outgoing Mayor Kim Driscoll, who soon will be Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, on the far right in blue, after the unveiling of the newly painted portrait of ancestral Massachusett Tribal leaders, Squaw Sachem and Nanepashemet portrait, from the 1600’s. The Artist, Chris Pappan collaborated with these members of our Tribe, using photographs of present-day families within our Tribe and historical references about the clothing and regalia. As part of each treaty being signed with the Puritans for land, Squaw Sachem required a jacket from the Red Coats.

This portrait was commissioned by the Salem Historical Society for the purpose of having representation of the leadership of the original Tribal inhabitants of Salem, to hang on the wall of the Salem City Council Chambers, along with all of the portraits of English leaders.

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