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Moswetuset HummockThe Massachusett tribe are the descendants of the original people that the English Invaders first encountered in what is now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We against all odds have survived as the descendants of the first people of Massachusetts. We continue to survive as Massachusett people because we have retained the oral tradition of storytelling just as our ancestors did. This tradition passes on the Massachusett view of how our world works, our relationship with all of nature and why things are the way they are. There are ways of perceiving and doing things in our community that trace back thousands of years. There are medicine ways thousands of years old that we still practice today. We honor our ancestors for keeping the traditions they were able to keep, for their foresight, for the gifts they left to us and for their continued guidance.





Moswetuset Hummock
Moswetuset Hummock in Quincy, a summer seat of Chickataubut in the late 1620’s and early 1630’s. Still left untouched after nearly 400 years.

We are the Descendents

We are the descendants of the Neponset band of the Massachusett who were at the time of the English Invasion of our territory early in the 17th century led by the Great Sac’hem, Chickataubut. Ours is the indigenous nation from whom the present day Commonwealth of Massachusetts took its name.

We would like to share with you who we are and introduce you to our tribal council. You may use our page guide to discover some of our history from our own perspective as well as from some early historical writers. Visit our genealogy lists to see if you might have a shared ancestry with the Massachusett. We will try and provide current information concerning events, education and news in our native community. We hope these web pages prove useful and interesting to both tribal members and interested visitors to our site.