The Tribe

The Massachusett Tribal Nation has existed for years beyond counting in pre-historic times, and a well- documented existence in historic and modern times. The Ponkapoag band of the Massachusett Tribe has existed as what was called a self- governing praying town (for Christian Converts) called Ponkapoag since 1657.

The modern day Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag is governed by two branches of tribal government:

1.) Our regular tribal affairs are governed by a tribal council consisting of traditional leaders, elders, and representatives of the families on our tribal rolls.

2.) Our business and financial affairs are governed by an elected corporate board of directors who serve as the representatives of families on our tribal rolls.

Current elected directors serving on the Massachuset-Ponkapoag Tribal Council Inc. Board of Directors.

Officers :
  • President – Gill Solomon
  • Vice President – Thomas Green
  • Treasurer – Elizabeth Solomon
  • Clerk – Alysha Gray
Directors :
  • Robin Baker
  • Tracy Eastman
  • Brenda Green
  • Robin Harris
  • Jenny Oliver
  • Jeanne Oliver Foster
  • Faries Gray
  • William Rego
  • Richard Solomon

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